We represent the following makers and sculptors whose work is normally in stock in the Gallery

Lilian Busch, Alan Craxford, Sabine Konig, Chris Boland, Catherine Mannheim, Syann van Niftrik, Nikolay Sardamov, Pars Pro Toto, Judy McCaig, Jane Macintosh, Melanie Eddy, Jill Newbrook, Shimara Carlow, Mandana Oskoui, Roger Morris, Sarah Hutchison, Maria Helena Spector, Holly Belsher, Anna Backman, Catherine Thomas, Pat Cheney, Leigh Fotheringham, Shona Fidgett, Katie Lees, Rebecca Halstead, Lynn Park

Stella Campion, Miriam Hanid, Bryony Knox, Kevin O’Dwyer, William Lee, Heta Saarelainen, Aioffe White, Anne Massey, Sarah Hutchison, Roger Millar

Marianne Forrest

Peter Layton, Graham Muir, Stuart Akroyd, Jane Charles

Animal sculpture
Zoe Whiteside, Susan O’Byrne, Liz Ellis, Lesley Mckenzie, Christine Close

Bronze Sculpture
Elizabeth Waugh, David Meredith

Papier Mache sculpture
Mhairi Corr

Images shown on our website without a price represent the signature style of each maker, but are not always available for sale in the Gallery. Please ask for current collections.