Alexander Goudie RP RGI


Oil on canvas 108 x 162

Price: £ 10000


Alexander Goudie (1933-2004) was one of the leading Scottish artists of his generation, winner of all of the prizes during his career at Glasgow School of Art. Goudie immersed himself in the art of the masters and, apart from his career as a portraitist, still life and landscape painter, enjoyed tackling the big subjects of the 17th and 18th century painters he so admired.

Spring is one of group of such paintings made in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It shows Goudie's command of an ambitious subject, his skill in life drawing and his courage in working in grisaille at a time when colour was the basis of all Scottish painting.

This is a rare survivor from a period in Goudie's career before he made his name as a portraitist. Such large scale figure painting was no longer part of the curriculum at Glasgow School of Art but Goudie was unafraid to tackle such a traditional and complicated subject. What he learned here formed the basis for much of his later work with similar large subjects for Bretagne, then flagship of the Brittany Ferries fleet, culminating in the masterful account of Burns's poem, Tam o'Shanter, a series of 50 paintings sold by the Roger Billcliffe Gallery to Rozelle House in Ayr..


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