October 2019just arrived

In addition to our main exhibitions we often get small collections from artists to freshen up our stocks. This month we have new work from Christine McArthur and Andrew Sinclair.

Christine McArthur inhabits an immersive, creative world. Her paintings capture moments from places she has visited, or responses to a poem. The passing seasons are observed and her domestic surroundings and familiar objects emerge in her imagery. She works in oil, oil pastel, acrylic, watercolour, pen and ink and collage so that layers of colour and texture are built up to create her artwork.

Andrew is best known as a figurative painter but has extended his love of light, form and composition into landscape and still-life painting. In his own words, he says ‘Using strong lighting on the subject assists in capturing the form and creating a dynamic solid composition. Through subtle narratives within the painting an interaction develops between the viewer and the subjects portrayed.’