Aoife White

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Aoife White

Aoife White designs and creates unique and imaginative silverware usually in the form of vessels/containers, currently vases, tumblers, boxes and lockets. Each piece is a one-off interpretation of nature, mythology and the elements. Observational drawings of plants and animals are used as starting points from which various design techniques are applied to create a sense of transformation in her organic metal forms.

White has developed and nurtured a highly textured style in her work. She incorporates her highly detailed and textured drawings onto her silverware through the use of engraving, chased patterns or hammered textures.

Aoife White has exhibited her work throughout the UK and Ireland. She has a BA Hons in Fine and Applied Jewellery and Silversmithing from the University of Ulster and graduated from Bishopsland Educational Trust.

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    Aoife White


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