Disa Allsopp

Disa’s work is inspired by the ancient jewellery of the Etruscans, Egyptians and Greek and Roman civilizations. She uses traditional techiniques such as forging, reticulation and patination to produce her unique finishes to the 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver metals that are central to her collections. Her travels to East Africa and her origins in […]

Spring Jewellery

Fresh from the workshop two fabulous collections from two very individual jewellers. Disa Allsopp and Fiona DeMarco both use dynamic creative methods of stone setting, shaping metal and finishes to striking effect.


We represent the following makers and sculptors whose work is normally in stock in the Gallery Jewellers Lilian Busch, Alan Craxford, Sabine Konig, Chris Boland, Syann van Niftrik, Nikolay Sardamov, Pars Pro Toto, Jane Macintosh, Melanie Eddy, Shimara Carlow, Pat Cheney, Leigh Fotheringham, Yen, Yvonne Gilhooly, Disa Allsopp, Rebecca Halstead, Lynn Park Silversmiths Stella Campion, […]