Disa Allsopp

Disa’s work is inspired by the ancient jewellery of the Etruscans, Egyptians and Greek and Roman civilizations. She uses traditional techiniques such as forging, reticulation and patination to produce her unique finishes to the 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver metals that are central to her collections. Her travels to East Africa and her origins in […]

The Winter Exhibition

The jewellery in our Winter Exhibition is always hotly anticipated and this year is no exception. Exquisite collections from Sue Lewis, Carol Hunt, Leigh Fotheringham, Deborah Beck, Shimara Carlow, Rebecca Halstead, Disa Allsopp, Esther Lord, Sabine König, Gerlinde Huth, Pruden and Smith, Jane Macintosh, Elaine Cox and James Dougall.

Winter Design Collection 2019

Our annual – and fabulous – Winter Design Collection exhibition is back! We have contemporary jewellery collections from over twenty leading UK designers, including Disa Allsopp, Jane Macintosh, Liz Tyler, Emily Collins, Ellen Monaghan, Helen Brice, Sue Lewis, Dot Sim, Sabine Konig, Pruden and Smith, Georgina Franklin and Alison Evans. For the domestic interior are […]