Georgina Parkins

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Georgina Parkins

My work mostly draws inspiration from architecture and how it relates to the surrounding landscape. Reoccurring themes within my painting include: architecture with visible signs of decay; urban and industrial spaces; suggestion and manipulation of the horizon. With which, I can investigate and abbreviate an otherwise complex landscape.

The combination of clean hard lines and flaky surfaces found in decaying architectural spaces intrigue me. By interpreting these surfaces through paint I aim to give my work a sense of history. I build up the paint in layers, mixing oil and acrylic, so that they repel one another and peel away.  The movement and physicality of the paint enable the work to become architectural objects-emitting the atmospherics and personality of a particular space.

The history behind the surfaces I create is fundamental to my practice. I am constantly clearing my paintings by covering them in a layer of paint or peeling the paint back to expose the surfaces underneath. By constantly clearing, then re-establishing the piece, I give my painting a past. Every stage within a piece of work is of great importance-every layer is significant on the overall dynamics of the painting.

Georgina Parkins

The First on the Forth

acrylic 15 x 21cm
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    Georgina Parkins


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