Stephanie Rew

Stephanie Rew

Study of Siam II

pastel and charcoal 20 x 20cm

Stephanie Rew

‘Pattern, colour and texture of textiles and costume are intrinsic to my work, giving the painting a tactile and dramatic element, placing the model in a timeless era. Tone and form as well as strong light and colour is important to me, as I concentrate on the juxtaposition of tonality and texture whilst keeping a private, reflective mood with the work.

Theatrical costume has always been a favoured theme, and have been using couture garments along with the kimono to add drama and design to my art.

My inspirations come from my life long love of the Ukiyo-e Japanese wood-cut prints as well as the works of Caravaggio, Whistler and Sargent. I am influenced by the Baroque style of oil painting and utilise a combination of Old Masters techniques with my own. Chiaroscuro created by glazing techniques is important to the finished article.

Ideas for my paintings usually come to me instinctively as finished images in my mind, this means the work has no distinct narrative. That I leave to the viewer to create for themselves.’

Stephanie Rew

Study for "Persephone"

pastel 70 x 57cm
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    Stephanie Rew


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