Lindsey Lavenderlight and shade

How refreshing after 40-odd years looking at contemporary Scottish painting to see someone turning aside from all of the traditional genres and finding something new. Lindsey Lavender was an architect until seniority and paperwork took her away from the drawing board (that shows how old I am) and she took herself off to art school. This exhibition, her first in Glasgow, shows her finding interest and even excitement in the everyday. Light and Shade she calls her exhibition but she also has a deft handling of colour and, needless to say, an unerring eye for design.

Roger Billcliffe


I am drawn to the infrastructural elements of cities: stairways, doorways, arches, bridges; the points of transition and thresholds. I am interested in the way in which light interacts with the mundane; the transformative effect of sunlight and shade on something very ordinary; essential elements upon which we tend not to focus. Colour and perspective are important features of the work but the key focus is always the light.

My work focuses the viewer’s attention on the interplay of light with infrastructure. I explore the rhythm of light and shade, often on the seemingly ordinary; showing the everyday in a new light.

Lindsey Lavender