Alexandra GardnerIntimate Conversations

Self-isolation was pretty grim, let’s be honest. But for most of us we had the joy of a walk outdoors, a garden to potter/read a book/drink a gin in. Even a trip to Tesco’s was an adventure! But there were some of us who, due to ill health, needed to completely shut themselves away.
Artist Alexandra (Sandie) Gardner is one such person but from her city centre apartment in Glasgow she “just got on with it” and as we can see from this collection of drawings and paintings she didn’t let it get in the way of her work. Sandie is renowned for her paintings of Glasgow folk, usually strong flamboyant women, enjoying nights out whether that be at the opera or down the local pub. And although there are a few like that in this show, there is a distinct introspective feel to them. And all the more powerful for it. Definitely one to see.