Duncan Shanks RSA RSW RGI

Duncan Shanks has long been one of my personal favourite artists, a view shared by many of our clients who have supported our exhibitions of his work since the mid-1980s.

He is, without doubt, one of the greatest painters of the Scottish landscape – or to be more precise, of the hills of South Lanarkshire where he has lived for more than fifty years. Accompanied by his dog, a box of paints and sketchbook he has travelled this landscape in all weathers, recording its rivers, burns, fields and rocks – and, most importantly, its changing skies and climate. The wind and rain and snow and sleet have been as important to his work as the sun and its rapidly changing light.

This exhibition presents thirty or so of these pictures, honed in the studio from a myriad of sketches. From tiny (for Duncan) sketches to two-metre-square canvases this is truly a definitive view of the Scottish landscape.