Glen Scouller: Watercoloursa virtual exhibition

When I first started showing Glen Scouller’s paintings, in the mid 1980s, I was particularly drawn to his work in watercolour. It was a medium which had fallen out of favour with his generation but Glen showed a natural affinity for it, especially on a larger scale, as in these recent paintings in this exhibition.

Watercolour can be a notoriously difficult medium – tricky in its fluidity, even treacherous in the narrow margin between success and disaster. Glen’s handling of broad wash, combining it with patches of intense colour, was a style he soon made his own. The earlier paintings were often studio still lifes, with occasional ventures into the Scottish landscape, but he discovered  his true forte with visits to France, and then Spain, Portugal and Italy, Inspired by his tutors at Glasgow School of Art – David Donaldson, John Cunningham and Sandy Goudie.

This small virtual exhibition – the paintings will not be on view in the gallery, but can be seen by appointment – show how his painting has matured through his continuing  mastery of the medium.

Roger Billcliffe