March FocusGeorge Devlin 1937 - 2014

George Devlin should be ranked as one of the best British landscape painters of the modern era. His approach to painting landscape was established by the Impressionists in the 1880s: to sit in front of the subject, en plein aire, and work until the picture was essentially complete. In the studio a critical eye would bring him back to the canvas to make a few adjustments, the same rigorous examination he would give to a still life subject or a portrait, but the essentials of the landscape that made it belong to the day it was made were always preserved. 

He approached his subject with a sense of wonder and his ability to make it permanent in oil paint and his gift was generously shared.

He is deeply missed as a man but we have as a legacy his paintings, each imbued with a balance of intuition and consideration, each displaying the energetic mark-making, brilliant colour and assured drawing with the brush which are Devlin’s trademarks. 

Each is a window onto a different experience made permanent by a painter and philosopher we are privileged to have known.

words by Guy Peploe

Please Note – This is a virtual exhibition. If you wish to view any work please contact the gallery first.