Mhairi McGregor RSWnew paintings

Mhairi McGregor returns for her 9th solo exhibition with the gallery.

Winner of numerous travel scholarships McGregor’s passion lies in landscape painting. Her emotional response to different locations comes through greatly in her paintings. Initial sketches are developed into more abstract works and her landscapes evoke a sense of place effected by a rich, fluid impasto paint surface.

‘I’m always trying to get the most out of the few colours I use and get them to play off against each other. I’ve moved away from brushwork too. I like to layer up the paint; slab it on until two strong colours are shining through… The main direction of my work is to sketch from life and develop those initial paintings into more abstract works. I never want to lose sight completely of what it was that inspired me to paint a particular scene. My main aim is to focus in on that first response to a landscape and to continue and expand that idea into a more concise conclusion.’