Shona BarrA Virtual Exhibition

During lockdown, shut off from my lovely studio and oil paints, unable to travel out to paint in the landscape, I’ve been working at home with watercolour and pastel in my spare room, using a bundle of old sketchbooks as source material. I began with a series of small works. The appeal of ‘postcards’ was twofold. There is the wistful element of ‘Wish you were here’ as I paint places I can’t go back to at this time. However, there is also optimism expressed in the idea that postcards still travel to distant places, even when we ourselves can not.
Now that I’ve settled in to my home studio, it has its compensations. With my husband and I both working in different rooms of the same flat, we are able to take each other cups of tea and meet up in the kitchen for lunch. I think I might miss him when I get back to my normal life of isolation in my real studio.


These ‘Postcards’ will be mounted but are unframed