Michael Corsarvirtual exhibition

Naively, when lockdown was enforced upon us I thought great I’ll get to focus on some painting, but it hasn’t been as easy as I thought. The first couple of weeks I spent stressing about not working and from then on my anxiety about the future, my family, the state of the world, only increased. These are indeed odd times and we must adapt to them as best we can. I’m fortunate enough to have a garden but probably most of all I’m glad to have a dog. She gets me out – not just of the house but of my head too. That hour (and it is only an hour promise!!) clears all the crap out for long enough to allow me some freedom to paint. This body of work recalls a recent trip up to the Kyle of Lochalsh. Better times. I hope you enjoy but more importantly I hope to see you all again soon. Michael.

Update – still being kept relatively sane with my regular dog walks but now sporting an artistic lockdown hairdo and moustache