James FullartonA View from Home

Ayrshire, like much of the country, has recently been blessed by a few weeks of bright sunshine (although not necessarily as warm as it looked). So James Fullarton has been making the most of his garden and the surrounding countryside to bring us these classic harbingers of the summer to come. What’s not to like about bluebells, cherry blossom and fresh green shoots?

This virtual exhibition was originally planned as our key display for Spring. For the time being it is only available here but we hope to fill the Gallery with these pictures when Lockdown is lifted. In the meantime, enjoy…

James Fullarton – A View from Home

“The present Lockdown situation of restrictions and isolation has given me the opportunity to paint with renewed vitality and enthusiasm, which has resulted in a greater freedom in my pictures and especially those painted in the garden, some of which make up this current exhibition.”