unframedpostcards 2022

My favourite show of the year. Over 150 original works of art by gallery artists, displayed mounted but unframed. The only restriction given was that they must be either 20cm x 20cm or 15cm x 21cm. The rest was up to the artist. What we end up with is an exhibition full of diversity. Still life, landscape, abstraction, (sur)realism, watercolour, acrylic, oil even digital. Whatever your preference there is something here for you. Come see.

exhibiting artists

Gail Harvey Brian McGeoch Alan Anderson Gregor Smith Reinhard Behrens Mhairi McGregor Saul Robertson Martin Hill George Donald Michael Corsar Georgina Parkins Alice McMurrough Leo du Feu Sheila McInnes Alma Wolfson Michael Clark Paddy Dorrian Andrew Sinclair Andrew Cross Ann Oram June Carey Linda Clark Ethel Walker Shona Barr Sarah Carrington George Gilbert Helga Chart Lys Hansen Amy Dennis Christine McArthur David Parker Louis McNally Sian Shirley Paul Murray John McClenaghen David Rae James Fullarton Ornella Bindi Damian Henry Ian Boyce Lesley Banks Ronald F Smith Jack Dunnett James Tweedie Michael Durning Hazel Nagl Fred Crayk Liz Myhill David Forster Ann Ross Garry Harper John Johnstone  James McNaught Neil Macdonald Heather Nevay Ruth Nicol Eoghann MacColl  Lindsey Lavender